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### Summary Allow setting YAML serialization options on a per attribute basis – along with application wide setting. - Permit YAML classes per attribute (`serialize :content, yaml: { permitted_classes: [Symbol]...


This isn't quite working yet, there is a case failing with Builder. I'll get back to it tomorrow but opening a draft now in case someone may have early feedback...


Fix #45758 Updates ActiveRecord PostgreSQL adapter and ActiveRecord::Result to handle DB result with no-name columns (`?column?`) of different type. cc @fatkodima @skipkayhil


Hi, The code is just an example, because I'm not allowed to share sources of my project. I need to filter `Parent` records based on a condition for `Item1` and...


hey @DmitryTsepelev -- I brought my app to rails master, so that i could try out your PR: https://github.com/rails/rails/pull/34935 unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out how direct uploads can...

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In [webpack](https://webpack.js.org/guides/ecma-script-modules/) it says > Imports in ESM are resolved more strictly. Relative requests must include a filename and file extension. By adding `type: "module"` to [actiontext](https://github.com/rails/rails/blob/main/actiontext/package.json#L6), but not importing...

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### Steps to reproduce The `attribute_changed?` receives optional options, such as `from` and `to`. Each option key is passed a value. Only string values are accepted, and symbols are not...

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### Steps to reproduce ```bash rails new testme cd testme bundle exec rails generate scaffold User bundle exec rake db:create bundle exec rake db:migrate bundle exec rails console # in...

### Summary Both MySQL and PostgreSQL support dropping multiple columns in a single SQL statement. SQLite3 does not support this feature so its adapter overrides the `add_timestamps` method to workaround...


## Summary This PR is an experiment motivated by this excellent [RailsConf talk](https://youtu.be/TgpSs2ffJL0) from @palkan, where he discusses message delivery guarantees in real-time Rails applications. Since the beginning, ActionCable rely...