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Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for node.

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Is this a valid way of recording the request size: ``` app.use(function logger(req, res, next) { req.body._requestSize = 0; req.on('data', (chunk) => { req.body._requestSize += Buffer.from(chunk).length; }); next(); }); app.use(bodyParser.json())...


This pr fixes #4851. I have ... - [X] added a new test that covers my changes - [X] run linter


Hi! Are there any plans to modernize the library? In my fork I created basically a rough 'rewrite' of the library just for fun using modern JS features & the...


Hi , Can anyone please help me with this , there is DEBUG flag enabled in my node API set as express* which i guess is printed below errors, But...

awaiting more info

There's a need to disable ETag for certain routes, where it is a GET but the data may still change between requests - and it is mandatory to have no...


I am very fond of the express router for it provides a great deal of flexibility. But I have somewhat problems keeping track of all the routes, middleware locations and...


[Official documentation]( recommends that at a minimum we remove the `X-Powered-By` header when running Express in production. Why is it enabled by default? Please disable this header in the default...


This is an example how to use Express with SSL enabled.

needs tests

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Edit: added @tspascoal as a co-author on this. @tspascoal and I have created a GitHub Actions workflow that will build express on both Linux and Windows machines. I have not...