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This provides the Ruby 2.7+ pattern matching interface for Active Record records and relations. It allows the user to pattern match against attributes and associations on records through a hash...


I have no idea how to reproduce this but I have a pretty basic Rails app, connected to a postgres. occasionally during normal development the database cannot be found,...

### Steps to reproduce In a rails app that uses the mysql2 connection adapter run the following snippet. ```ruby ActiveRecord::Base.sanitize_sql(["LIMIT :offset, :per_page", { offset: 12, per_page: 32 }]) ``` ###...

attached PR

### Steps to reproduce Up until this morning, I have been using the following build script to start my Production server: sudo rm -Rf /home/deploy/current/ git clone -b xxxx [email protected]...

asset pipeline

# Intro Rails 7 brought with it an overhaul of the Asset Pipeline in the form of multiple new gems that either introduced a new way of handling assets (importmaps-rails),...


When preloading a `has_one` association that has a scope and providing `available_records` for the association, the `available_records` are ignored. ### Steps to reproduce ```ruby require 'bundler/inline' gemfile(false) do source 'https://rubygems.org'...

The various `LogSubscriber` subclasses tend to subscribe to events but then end up doing nothing if the log level is high enough. But even if we end up not logging,...


Hello Rails Team! First of all I want to thank you for all job that you make here!!! Rails is a wonderfull framework to work with. @georgeclaghorn Thank you for...


### Steps to reproduce When creating a new rails app with nothing but using the MySQL adaptor, creating a migration that uses UUID as the primary key type, does not...

This allows for more entropy within keys while retaining the same byte size