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No crashes in my case, but the addon is inert. Settings and toolbar icon does appear, but the site changes are not applied. System information is as follows manifestVersion: 1.2.6...

YouTube sends audio and video streams separately. There are three different formats: *3GPP+MP3 (240p only) *MPEG 4(AVC+AAC) *OGG(WebM+Opus) Not all videos are available in all formats. The separate audio/video nature...

FYI premium streams are DASH-only and live streams are RTP-only.

You could list the bitrate and encoding for audio streams.

The latest version added the permission request for downloading but still no actual download functionality.

Volunteering 👍🏼

> More importantly, encountering a 429 as a result of rate-limit bucket changes are inevitable due to Discord's implementation of rate-limit bucket discovery. This should be fixed.