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Support for registering custom HTTP method handlers

Open erkinalp opened this issue 2 years ago • 3 comments

What is the problem this feature will solve?

Per HTTP RFCs, applications can use any method fit for their purpose, but only a dozen are standardised.

What is the feature you are proposing to solve the problem?

Add an interface to register handlers for custom HTTP methods.

What alternatives have you considered?

No alternatives

erkinalp avatar Feb 09 '22 20:02 erkinalp

Blocked on and a duplicate of several existing issues in this bug tracker (although none open at the moment, it seems.)

bnoordhuis avatar Feb 09 '22 21:02 bnoordhuis

There has been no activity on this feature request for 5 months and it is unlikely to be implemented. It will be closed 6 months after the last non-automated comment.

For more information on how the project manages feature requests, please consult the feature request management document.

github-actions[bot] avatar Aug 10 '22 01:08 github-actions[bot]

Still waiting.

erkinalp avatar Aug 10 '22 02:08 erkinalp


ShogunPanda avatar Aug 22 '22 13:08 ShogunPanda