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Add `list-style-image` utility

Open neupauer opened this issue 2 years ago β€’ 2 comments

This PR will add the list-style-image utilities.

This PR also fix the ambiguity of the list utility by introducing the string: type for the arbitrary values, so: .list-['πŸ‘‰'] will generatelist-style-type: 'πŸ‘‰' .list-[url(...)] will generate list-style-image: url(...)

πŸ’₯This also introduces breaking change to the list-style-type utility:

- list-[var(--value)]
+ list-[string:var(--value)]

neupauer avatar Nov 30 '21 01:11 neupauer

Thanks! I think to avoid the breaking change we are going to want to come up with some clever internal way to make list-[var(--value)] still work, maybe like a preferred: true or preferred: somePrivateSymbol option or something.

I think this would be good to add though so going to leave this open so we can look into it soon β€” just going through PRs today as we're trying to clean up before tagging v3.1. Will try to dig into this more for v3.2 πŸ‘πŸ»

adamwathan avatar May 23 '22 21:05 adamwathan

I updated the PR to use list-style-type for otherwise unknown types (the any type) which fixes the issue with var(…) and the need for the additional string data type β€” which I have removed it as well.

ping @adamwathan

thecrypticace avatar Oct 08 '22 00:10 thecrypticace