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Looks good, my only concern is that by making the key codes of type i32, it technically makes the windows and linux versions slightly incompatible I guess. I'm not sure...

Would absolutely accept a PR for mac OS support

Mixture of laziness and forgetfullness

You could use the pump from IE no?

This is somewhat intended, although for situations like these, I suppose there should be a limit.

I (as a consumer of pims) would expect null to use the default arango port if anything. If I have arango on port 80 or 443, i'd expect to specify...

Yeah I need to work on adding, well.. any amount of documentation. I'll try and fit some time in to make some examples over the next few days 😄

As svelte is now a peer dependency you will need svelte installed manually. Looks like maybe prettier picks up the globally installed version of prettier-plugin-svelte which stops us from being...

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