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Official website and document for Gin

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In this pull request, I am sending chances with the structure that will permit start translations of the documentation to Portuguese, so it is expected that in this first commit...

the documentation doesnt describe any of the functions, classes or methods in it. The only thing that the documentation gives you, is examples which you have to understand by yourself...

*建议*添加类似 [Query 和 post form]( 的使用案例。如: >POST /form_post?message=message&nick=nick Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

please update the site, the current is so old-looking and made me won't install Gin

Hi this PR adds Korean translation of the index page.

我是一个新手,刚学gin。 请问如何记录接口的入参和出参,这对于排查问题很有帮助。

I want to write template into bytes.Buffer,like ``` var tpl bytes.Buffer if err := t.Execute(&tpl, data); err != nil { log.Println(err) return } result := tpl.String() ``` i want write...