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Official website and document for Gin

Gin website

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Welcome! This repository houses all the assets required to build the Gin website and documentation. We're pleased that you want to contribute! The website is hosted at

We use Hugo to format and generate our website, the Docsy theme for styling and site structure. Thanks!.

Note: We only support hugo v0.75.1 version.


  • Fork the repository

You can click the Fork button in the upper-right area of the screen to create a copy of this repository in your GitHub account. This copy is called as fork.

You need to use the below command to clone code for docsy theme.

git clone --recurse-submodules --depth 1 themes/docsy
  • Create one pull request

Make any changes you want in your fork, and when you are ready to send those changes to us, go to your fork and create a new pull request to let us know about it.

  • Merge the pull request

Once your pull request is created, a Gin reviewer will take responsibility for providing clear, actionable feedback, re-improve and merge.


See the official Hugo documentation for Hugo installation instructions.

To run the site locally when you have Hugo installed:

# If use `hugo` command, you need to use `npm install` command
$ npm install
$ hugo
# Or use `hugo server`, it not need `npm install` command
$ hugo server

This will start the local Hugo server on port 1313. Open up your browser to http://localhost:1313 to view the site. As you make changes to the source files, Hugo updates the site and forces a browser refresh.


Gin thrives on community participation, and we really appreciate your contributions to our site and our documentation!