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A fast responsive, machine learning, conversational dialog engine for creating chat bots, written in Go.


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chatbot is a conversational dialog engine build in Go which makes it possible to generate responses based on collections of known conversations. The language independent design of chatbot allows it to be trained to speak any language. It’s much faster than ChatterBot, our benchmark on 120 million conversations:

  • ChatterBot takes 21s to answer
  • chatbot takes 18ms to answer

Project layout and command line tools

  • bot

    Conversational dialog engine

  • cli

    • train

      Train the given conversation data and generate corpus format file .gob

      • -d reads all json and yaml corpus files in the specified directory
      • -i read the specified json or yaml corpus files, splitting multiple files by commas
      • -o specify the output .gob file
      • -m print memory usage at regular intervals
    • ask

      An example question and answer command line tool

      • -v verbose
      • -c trained .gob file
      • -t data for several possible answers

Data format

The data format can be provided via yaml or json files, refer to the format in Roughly, it is as follows.

- AI
- artificial intelligence
- - What is AI?
  - Artificial Intelligence is the branch of engineering and science devoted to constructing machines that think.
- - Are you sentient?
  - Sort of.

Example of a question and answer

user: how are you?
bot: I am doing well, how about you?
user: I'm doing well, thanks!
bot: That is good to hear


go-zero -

The MapReduce implementation of go-zero in core/mr package gives chatbot a huge performance boost!

ChatterBot -

I was using ChatterBot at first, but it responds too slow, so I decided to implement it myself. Thanks to ChatterBot, great project!

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