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It still doesn't seem to work with the same failure in the opening comment.

@emacarron If you're asking to me, I don't think so. I've got the same exception but by different cause. Mine is caused by `ApplicationListener` as described above.

As Micrometer 1.0.x line has reached its EOL and there were no issues related to the change since then, this seems okay to be closed now.

For your information, jOOQ 3.15.0 requires Java 11 in OSS Edition. See

@timtebeek Thanks for the issue! `ElasticMeterRegistry` is a `StepMeterRegistry` which uses `StepCounter` for `Counter` whereas `SimpleMeterRegistry`, which is used when there's no backend in Spring Boot, uses `CumulativeCounter`. That's the...

@timtebeek The step-sized sleep was just for the demonstration, but I couldn't think of any way to push a value in an incomplete step with the current implementation except waiting...

@timtebeek Thanks for the confirmation! I think it would be nice if we could push a value in an incomplete step rather than waiting for a step to be completed...

When we drop JDK 8 or 8/11 builds, we might still want to run tests on those JVMs.

@mglebka Thanks for the report! I didn't look into this but no stack trace is not aligned with other meter registries, so I created #1269 to resolve it.

I reproduced the error with [a sample]( and the stack trace was as follows: ``` 2019-03-09 05:23:56.139 WARN 82634 --- [trics-publisher] i.m.s.StackdriverMeterRegistry : failed to send metrics to stackdriver