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fix(datetime): wheel picker is easier to use with screen readers

Open liamdebeasi opened this issue 1 year ago • 0 comments

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What is the current behavior?

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Currently, swiping left/right with a screen reader enabled moves users between buttons within a single picker column. This makes it very difficult to move between columns because users need to swipe through all buttons in a column before proceeding to the next one.

What is the new behavior?

  • Adds the "role="spinbutton"` on the picker column. This makes it so that swiping moves between columns instead of moving between buttons within a single column. Users can then double tap to scroll a wheel up or down to select a new value.
  • Adding spinbutton requires a label to be added. We add a default "Picker Item" label that devs can customize. This was done so that devs do not get a set of new a11y issues if this fix ships.

Does this introduce a breaking change?

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Other information

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Note: There is a Safari bug where the values are read as "50%" when the spinbutton value is a percentage. It still reads the selected day/year, but it will also read "50%". See:

liamdebeasi avatar Aug 09 '22 22:08 liamdebeasi