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Hello @scholzj, May I know whether there is any further update on this issue ? I also saw another proposal about [CA abstraction ](https://github.com/strimzi/proposals/pull/46) and I'm not sure whether this...

Hello @scholzj , thanks for the reply. I did give some thoughts and play around with it. - I created a POC strimzi cluster that trust multiple CAs ( one...

Hi @Mongey, Happy new year! Could you help me take a look at this MR ?

Thanks @Mongey for the suggestion. Let me make relevant changes to the MR and update you here

Hi @Mongey, I have change the returned attributes like you suggested above. Do you mind reviewing it again ?

Hi @Mongey , just want to revisit this issue whether there is anything I can improve on?

@Mongey Just to to circle back on this issue for your feedback

Hi @Mongey Has there anyone working on this feature yet? I would like to take it up

Hi @Amier3. Thanks for providing such a detailed explanation. Can I confirm that the we would like to go for the direction that consul kv can use `-keys` and `-recurse`...