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Hi, @starryskystar sorry for the late response. I had some problems that slowed me down. Did you started to work on that issue?

🥳 Is there any initial PR that I could take a look at? Any way that I could assist you?

I also assume this is a duplicate of: https://github.com/SkalskiP/make-sense/issues/218. @starryskystar am I correct?

> Yes, no problem at all. But I have a few small personal needs 🤗 @starryskystar, can I help somehow?

Sure, just let me know ;)

Hi @starryskystar! Any updates here? :)

Hello @rasyidf 👋 ! Thank you so much for your interest in make-sense. It seems that great minds think alike. Few weeks ago I started working on make-sense beta. As...

@rasyidf no problem. Maybe we could set up some call and talk this week?

What communication channel do you prefer? Is Google Meet ok?

> Anyway, I visited spline and it was awesome, we can also imitate their design system (separation of landing, docs, and app, but on a single domain.) I agree. That...