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Would love to hear what people think would be the best alternative. What do you think?

Hey wanna add more?:)

@montao thanks for the contribution! I saw that you refer to UNKOWN whl. Can you address and we merge?

Not sure if falcon has the notion of a "system" message, like GPT does? If it does it should be straightforward to add support. If not, there needs to be...

Housekeeping: Closing stale issues.

Hey @leomariga great initiative! Question: How do you see this being used? Basically, how does one set up gpt-engineer for a new project? I'm thinking two options: - create new...

Also general feedback: 1. Python style convention is to use snake case 2. I think requiring a file_paths.txt is too complex for the user :)

Created a discussion in discord around this

I think what you say makes sense! I really prefer specific file names though so it’s easy to find things. Could have chat_to_files and files_to_chat as separate files? very happy...