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build qemu-static binaries using Alpine Linux docker


The purpose of this project is to build a highly compatible QEMU binary package for linux to use with Zig testing.

Zig needs a very recent QEMU version, sometimes unreleased commit-revs, and sometimes with custom patches. For this reason, distro-based QEMU packages are unsuitable.

The overall strategy is to use Alpine Linux to host a QEMU build and link statically to all possible libraries.

It is a non-goal to build QEMU with all features enabled. It is a non-goal to build older versions of QEMU.

build docker image

docker build --tag qemu .

run container, save ID, copy artifact(s)

docker run -it --cidfile=qemu.cid qemu true
docker cp "$(cat qemu.cid):work/artifact/." artifact

review final artifact(s)

ls -al artifact/

cleanup container, ID-file, and image

docker container rm $(cat qemu.cid)
rm qemu.cid
docker image rm qemu

really, really cleanup docker

docker system prune --force