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💥 TikTok Follower, Like, View, Share Bot and MORE

Zefoy TikTok Automator

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Automate TikTok follower bot, like bot, share bot, view bot and more using selenium. Click here to report bugs.



  1. Download ZIP here and extract the ZIP
  2. Install requirements.txt by typing pip install -r requirements.txt in Command Prompt
  3. Download Google Chrome
  4. Download a Chrome driver that matches your Chrome version. Download a chromedriver here.
  5. You must download the correct chromedriver that matches your Chrome version. Check out your version here.

Please note

This script automates the website https://zefoy.com/ which is a website you can boost your TikTok followers/likes/shares/views. This script automates this specific website to constantly increase your engagement on TikTok instead of you doing it manually. This script was made for educational purposes. I am not responsible for your actions using this script. This code is a few months old, hence why it may not appear as professional but still works to this day.