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There can be more than Notion and Miro. AFFiNE is a next-gen knowledge base that brings planning, sorting and creating all together. Privacy first, open-source, customizable and ready to use.

Write, Draw and Plan All at Once

One hyper-fused platform for wildly creative minds.
A privacy-focussed, local-first, open-source, and ready-to-use alternative for Notion & Miro.

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Docs, canvas and tables are hyper-merged with AFFiNE - just like the word affine (əˈfʌɪn | a-fine).


Join our community

Before we tell you how to get started with AFFiNE, we'd like to shamelessly plug our awesome user and developer communities across official social platforms! Once you’re familiar with using the software, maybe you will share your wisdom with others and even consider joining the AFFiNE Ambassador program to help spread AFFiNE to the world.

Getting started & staying tuned with us.

⚠️ Please note that AFFiNE is still under active development and is not yet ready for production use. ⚠️ No installation or registration required! Head over to our website and try it out now. Our wonderful community, where you can meet and engage with the team, developers and other like-minded enthusiastic user of AFFiNE.

Star us, and you will receive all releases notifications from GitHub without any delay! rbU3YmmsQT


  • Hyper merged — Write, draw and plan all at once. Assemble any blocks you love on any canvas you like to enjoy seamless transitions between workflows with AFFiNE.
  • Privacy focussed — AFFiNE is built with your privacy in mind and is one of our key concerns. We want you to keep control of your data, allowing you to store it as you like, where you like while still being able to freely edit and view your data on-demand.
  • Offline-first - With your privacy in mind we also decided to go offline-first. This means that AFFiNE can be used offline, whether you want to view or edit, with support for conflict-free merging when you are back online.
  • Clean, intuitive design — With AFFiNE you can concentrate on editing with a clean and modern interface. Which is responsive, so it looks great on tablets too, and mobile support is coming in the future.
  • Modern Block Editor with Markdown support — A modern block editor can help you not only for docs, but slides and tables as well. When you write in AFFiNE you can use Markdown syntax which helps create an easier editing experience, that can be experienced with just a keyboard. And this allows you to export your data cleanly into Markdown.
  • Collaboration — Whether you want to collaborate with yourself across multiple devices, or work together with others, support for collaboration and multiplayer is out-of-the-box, which makes it easy for teams to get started with AFFiNE.
  • Choice of multiple languages — Thanks to community contributions AFFiNE offers support for multiple languages. If you don't find your language or would like to suggest some changes we welcome your contributions.



Bug Reports Feature Requests Questions/Discussions AFFiNE Community
Create a bug report Submit a feature request Check GitHub Discussion Vist the AFFiNE Community
Something isn't working as expected An idea for a new feature, or improvements Discuss and ask questions A place to ask, learn and engage with others

Calling all developers, testers, tech writers and more! Contributions of all types are more than welcome, you can read more in docs/ If you are interested in contributing code, read our docs/ and feel free to check out our GitHub issues to get stuck in to show us what you’re made of.

Before you start contributing, please make sure you have read and accepted our Contributor License Agreement. To indicate your agreement, simply edit this file and submit a pull request.

For bug reports, feature requests and other suggestions you can also create a new issue and choose the most appropriate template for your feedback.

For translation and language support you can visit our i18n General Space.

Looking for others ways to contribute and wondering where to start? Check out the AFFiNE Ambassador program, we work closely with passionate community members and provide them with a wide-range of support and resources.

If you have questions, you are welcome to contact us. One of the best places to get more info and learn more is in the AFFiNE Community where you can engage with other like-minded individuals.


@affine/component AFFiNE Component Resources
@toeverything/y-indexeddb IndexedDB database adapter for Yjs
@toeverything/theme AFFiNE theme


Plugins are a way to extend the functionality of AFFiNE.

(Currently, plugins are under heavy development, and the SDK is not yet available.)

@affine/bookmark-block A block for bookmarking a website
@affine/copilot AI Copilot that help you document writing


We would also like to give thanks to open-source projects that make AFFiNE possible:

  • BlockSuite - 💠 BlockSuite is the open-source collaborative editor project behind AFFiNE.
  • OctoBase - 🐙 OctoBase is the open-source database behind AFFiNE, local-first, yet collaborative. A light-weight, scalable, data engine written in Rust.
  • Yjs - Fundamental support of CRDTs for our implementation on state management and data sync.
  • Electron - Build cross-platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • React - View layer support and web GUI framework.
  • Rust - High performance language that extends the ability and availability of our real-time backend, OctoBase.
  • Jotai - Primitive and flexible state management for React.
  • MUI - Our most used graphic UI component library.
  • async-call-rpc - A lightweight JSON RPC client & server.
  • Other upstream dependencies.

Thanks a lot to the community for providing such powerful and simple libraries, so that we can focus more on the implementation of the product logic, and we hope that in the future our projects will also provide a more easy-to-use knowledge base for everyone.


We would like to express our gratitude to all the individuals who have already contributed to AFFiNE! If you have any AFFiNE-related project, documentation, tool or template, please feel free to contribute it by submitting a pull request to our curated list on GitHub: awesome-affine.



Get started with Docker and deploy your own feature-rich, restriction-free deployment of AFFiNE. We are working hard to get this updated to the latest version, you can keep an eye on the latest packages.


Some amazing companies including AFFiNE are looking for developers! Are you interested in helping build with AFFiNE and/or its partners? Check out some of the latest jobs available.


For upgrading information please see our update page.

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See for instructions on how to build AFFiNE from source code.


We welcome contributions from everyone. See docs/contributing/ for details.


See LICENSE for details.