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# macOS
# install XCode
:; xcode-select --install
# set defaults
:; ./macos/.macos
# install binaries and applications with Homebrew
:; ./macos/

Arch Linux VM

Make sure the directory ~/Dropbox/dev/arch/etc exists before starting the VM.

# Arch Linux
:; cd ~/dotfiles/arch
:; vagrant up
:; vagrant reload  # reboot is needed after first start/ provisioning
:; vagrant ssh


# link everything in `home` to `~`
:; cd ~/dotfiles
:; sh

npm packages

:; cd ~/dotfiles
:; npm install

Instead of installing global npm packages, "global" npm packages are just packages of the dotfiles folder, as the dotfiles's node_modules/.bin path is in PATH variable. This allows for these "global" npm packages to be version controlled.