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Symbolic should be able to infer when you don't need it.

Claim the bounty by implementing this and having tinygrad generate GEMM kernels for NVIDIA that are faster than torch/cuBLAS. Clean code only, must be merged to claim bounty.


Actually getting weird behaviour. For values of 10, 20, 50 for the number of steps, either all four tests fail or pass (in a 10:1 scale). But in 100 steps,...

Right now, the transformer can't be jitted. You should be able to pass in a symbolic number and use it in shapes, forcing the codegen to generate kernels that can...


https://tinygrad.org/recognize.html Submitting several JPEGs via the URL didn't work. Results in "processing" URL attempted: https://medlineplus.gov/images/Xray.jpg From Chrome debugger: ``` Access to fetch at 'https://medlineplus.gov/images/Xray.jpg' from origin 'https://tinygrad.org' has been blocked...

Check out @liuliu 's NNC, maybe someone should use his mps backend in tinygrad. its much much faster and better written.