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⚙️ Supercharge your shortcuts


Additional actions for the Shortcuts app

The app provides lots of powerful extra actions for the Shortcuts app on macOS and iOS. These actions make it significantly easier to create shortcuts.

Submit action idea
(Submit an issue before submitting a pull request)

Pull requests are temporarily not accepted! This is because Apple is changing the ways shortcuts actions are made and I don't want to add more actions using the old way.


Requires at least macOS 12 or iOS 15

Included actions

  • Add to List
  • Apply Capture Date
  • Choose from List (Extended)
  • Clamp Number
  • Combine Lists
  • Convert Date to Unix Time
  • Convert Location to Geo URI
  • Convert Unix Time to Date
  • Create Color Image
  • Create Symbol Image
  • Create URL
  • Edit URL
  • Filter List
  • Format Currency
  • Format Date Difference
  • Format Duration
  • Format Number — Compact
  • Generate CSV
  • Generate Haptic Feedback (iOS-only)
  • Generate UUID
  • Get Audio Playback Destination (iOS-only)
  • Get Battery State
  • Get Device Orientation (iOS-only)
  • Get Emojis
  • Get File Icon (macOS-only)
  • Get File Path
  • Get Music Playlists (iOS-only)
  • Get Query Item Value from URL
  • Get Query Items from URL
  • Get Query Items from URL as Dictionary
  • Get Random Boolean
  • Get Random Color
  • Get Random Date and Time
  • Get Random Emoticon
  • Get Random Floating-Point Number
  • Get Random Text
  • Get Related Words
  • Get Running Apps (macOS-only)
  • Get Title of URL
  • Get Uniform Type Identifier
  • Get Unsplash Image
  • Get User Details
  • Hide Shortcuts App
  • Is Audio Playing (iOS-only)
  • Is Bluetooth On
  • Is Connected to VPN (iOS-only)
  • Is Dark Mode On
  • Is Device Orientation (iOS-only)
  • Is Low Power Mode On
  • Is Online
  • Is Reachable
  • Is Screen Locked (macOS-only)
  • Is Silent Mode On (iOS-only)
  • Is Wi-Fi On (macOS-only)
  • Merge Dictionaries
  • Parse CSV
  • Parse JSON5
  • Pretty Print Dictionaries
  • Remove Duplicate Lines
  • Remove Duplicates from List
  • Remove Emojis
  • Remove Empty Lines
  • Remove from List
  • Remove Non-Printable Characters
  • Reverse List
  • Round Number to Multiple
  • Sample Color from Screen (macOS-only)
  • Scan Documents (iOS-only)
  • Scan QR Codes in Image
  • Set Creation and Modification Date of File
  • Shuffle List
  • Sort List
  • Spell Out Number
  • Transcribe Audio
  • Transform Lists
  • Transform Text
  • Transform Text with JavaScript
  • Trim Whitespace
  • Truncate List
  • Truncate Text
  • Write or Edit Text

Looking for more?

  • Get Internet Speed → Speediness
  • Get Random GIF → Jiffy
  • Show Text in Menu Bar → One Thing
  • Open URLs in a Specific Browser → Velja
  • Remove Tracking Parameters from URLs → Velja
  • Clear Clipboard Formatting → Pure Paste
  • Join Video Call → Dato


Non-App Store version for macOS

A special version for users that cannot access the App Store. It won't receive updates.

Download (1.13.1)

Requires macOS 12 or later


Why is this free without ads?

I just enjoy making apps. I earn money on other apps. Consider leaving a nice review on the App Store.

Can I contribute localizations?

I don't have any immediate plans to localize the app.

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