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🌞☁️ Get Local and International weather forecasts from the most accurate Weather Forecasting Technology featuring up to the minute Weather Reports.


This is a simple Django project which displays the weather details (current + forecast + previous) of any location in the world.

Resources Used

  • Google Places JavaScript API: For the place name auto-completion
  • Open Weather Maps API: For getting the weather details
  • Chart.js: For plotting the charts of previous data
  • AOS: For Animation on Scroll effect

How To Use

Follow the steps to start the local server on your machine:

  • Enter Your Google API Key (./templates/core/home.html) and Open Weather Maps API KEY (./weather_details/ You receive the key after you make an account in the Google Cloud Platform (and Activate Google Places JavaScript API) and Open Weather Maps
  • Download and install Python 3.x
  • Navigate to the repository folder
  • Open the Terminal/CMD/PowerShell at the location (Shift + Right Click => Run Command Prompt/PowerShell for Windows or Right Click => Run Terminal for Linux based system)
  • Run the Command 'pip install -r requirements.txt' (to download and install the dependencies)
  • Run the Command 'python runserver'
  • Run the website (Navigate to '' on a web-browser)