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An open source implementation of OpenAI's ChatGPT Code interpreter

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An open source implementation of OpenAI's ChatGPT Code interpreter.

Simply ask the OpenAI model to do something and it will generate & execute the code for you.

Read the blog post to find out more.


Judah Cooper offered to start & curate a Discord community. Join here.


Open a terminal and run:

pip install gpt-code-ui

In order to make basic dependencies available it's recommended to run the following pip install in the Python environment that is used in the shell where you run gptcode:

pip install "numpy>=1.24,<1.25" "dateparser>=1.1,<1.2" "pandas>=1.5,<1.6" "geopandas>=0.13,<0.14" "PyPDF2>=3.0,<3.1" "pdfminer>=20191125,<20191200" "pdfplumber>=0.9,<0.10" "matplotlib>=3.7,<3.8"

User interface

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  • File upload
  • File download
  • Context awareness (it can refer to your previous messages)
  • Generate code
  • Run code (Python kernel)
  • Model switching (GPT-3.5 and GPT-4)


Using .env for OpenAI key

You can put a .env in the working directory to load the OPENAI_API_KEY environment variable.


Set the API_PORT, WEB_PORT, SNAKEMQ_PORT variables to override the defaults.

Set OPENAI_BASE_URL to change the OpenAI API endpoint that's being used (note this environment variable includes the protocol https://...).

You can use the .env.example in the repository (make sure you git clone the repo to get the file first).

For Azure OpenAI Services, there are also other configurable variables like deployment name. See for more information. Note that model selection on the UI is currently not supported for Azure OpenAI Services.

cp .env.example .env
vim .env


localagi took the effort of bundling the Python package in a Docker container. Check it out here: gpt-code-ui-docker.


Please do and have a look at the contributions guide! This should be a community initiative. I'll try my best to be responsive.

Thank you for your interest in this project!