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A framework based on React and the MVC pattern with the goal of simplifying front-end programming. You can read an introduction here.

The main advantages and features are:

  • simplicity for common cases and flexibility for complicated cases
  • management of pending trees of objects
  • doesn't touch your model, allowing you to write it anyway you want
  • scroll virtualization
  • router
    • refresh from any fragment of the route
    • router manager for listing, adding and removing routes dynamically
    • lazy loading
    • option for case insensitivity
  • form
    • trees of forms and inputs
    • input management with or without a model
    • synchronous and asynchronous event based validation
    • race conditions management in interlaid async validations

You can run npx create-crizmas -A to create a crizmas project very quickly.

Check out the examples app (repo). Also the documentation (docs folder) is implemented with crizmas-mvc.