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A deep learning library based on Pytorch focussed on low resource language research and robustness

Latest Release Apache

Winner of Pytorch Global Hackathon 2020.

Fluence is a Pytorch based deep learning library focussed on providing computationally efficient, low resource methods and algorithms for NLP. Although the main focus is to provide support with transformers for NLP tasks, it can be extended with other domains and architectures as well. Currently in pre-alpha stage.

List of implemented papers

Adaptive Methods


  • Installation
  • Overview

Why Fluence ?

Fluence is targeted towards two main goals:

  1. Compute efficiency: Low resource research:
  2. Robustness: Algorithms that either enhance our understanding of current methods or show where SoTA methods fail.

It is as straightforward to use as HF Transformers, and fully integrates with Pytorch. Please note that the current modules (meta-trainer, siamese-trainer) which rely on inherited Trainer works with transformers==3.0. Newer version comes with a modified Trainer.


For stable version:

pip3 install --user fluence

For development version (recommended):

git clone https://github.com/prajjwal1/fluence
cd fluence
python3 setup.py install --user


The library contains implementation for the following approaches (many more to come):

Module Method with documentation
fluence.adaptive Adaptive Methods
fluence.datasets Datasets
fluence.optim Optimizers
fluence.sampling Importance Sampling
fluence.models Siamese Methodology, Debiasing
fluence.prune Pruning


Please head to this link to learn how you can integrate fluence with your workflow. Since it's an early release, there might be bugs. Please file an issue if you encounter one. Docs are a work-in-progress.


You can contribute by either filing an issue or sending a Pull Request (if you encounter any bug or want some features to be added). Please checkout the contributing guide for more details.


Fluence comes with an extensive test suite for high test coverage.

pytest tests/ -v

Author: Prajjwal Bhargava (@prajjwal_1)