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📚 Flutter Guide on becoming a Master Flutterista

PRs Welcome

How to Use and Contribute

⚡Hacktoberfest⚡ Hacker Welcome! Welcoming coder of all skills! Beginner on their first PR to hardcore flutterista.

  • Go through the Table of Contents and start exploring all exciting Flutter features

  • Everything is made in chronological order for ease of understanding Flutter

If you found some awesome resource for learning Flutter, just send a Pull Request with respect to our Contribution Guidelines (they're very simple, please take a look).

We use such labels for free:

  • --> Add it to resource that is made by Google's Flutter team
  • --> Add it to resource that is a video course

Don't forget to add them. Now I'd love to see your suggestions!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Widgets
  • Animations
  • Material Design
  • Example Apps
    • Food Recipe
  • Recommended Learning Resource


The main reason for this guide to exist is to make it easy for new developer to have everything in one place.


Basic Must-Know Widgets

  • Scaffold

Complementing Tutorials: -- Scaffold Tutorial from ProAndroidDev

  • Container

Complementing Tutorials: -- Container Tutorial from FlutterDoc

  • Row

Complementing Tutorials: -- Row Tutorial from FlutterDoc

  • Column

Complementing Tutorials: -- Column Tutorial from FlutterDoc

  • ListView

Complementing Tutorials: -- Mastering Flutter ListView from Pusher.com

  • GridView

Complementing Tutorials: -- GridView Tutorial from Yudi Setiawan

  • Slivers

Complementing Tutorials: -- Slivers, Demystified from Emily Fortuna

  • Cupertino

Complementing Tutorials: -- Cupertino Tutorial from Yudi Setiawan

  • ColorFiltered

Complementing Tutorials: -- ColorFiltered from FlutterPub


  • Login Animation

Implementing super smooth animations in your Flutter App:-- Flutter Login Animation

  • Facebook reaction

Facebook Reactions Animation With Flutter:-- [Facebook Reactions](https://github.com/duytq94/flutter-fb-reactions-animation) - ## DayNightSwitch A day night switch widget for Flutter.

For More Details : -- [Day_Night_Switch](https://github.com/divyanshub024/day_night_switch)

Material Design

Implementing Material Design in Flutter

Example Apps

Food Recipe

Application that presents information about food recipes from TheMealDb API.

Get it on Google Play

Recommended Learning Resource

Official Link to Flutter Community available on different platforms