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Cypress plugin that enables compatability with dotenv

Cypress dotenv

Cypress plugin that enables compatability with dotenv.

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Please note that as of v2.0 this plugin only support Node v10+, Cypress 8+ and dotenv 10+
If you are still using older versions, then please install v1.x instead

What does this thing do?

It will load any environment variables defined in your .env file so you can access them via Cypress.env() from within your tests as you would expect.

Any Cypress config options defined in your .env will also be applied and take precedence over what is in your cypress.json file. See the Cypress docs for details on this

For example, if your .env file has something like this:


You can use Cypress.env('HELLO') to access its value.


You will also need to install the original dotenv package along with cypress-dotenv

npm install --save-dev dotenv cypress-dotenv 


yarn add --dev dotenv cypress-dotenv


Since this is a plugin, you will need to modify your file cypress/plugins/index.js to look something like this:

const dotenvPlugin = require('cypress-dotenv');
module.exports = (on, config) => {
  config = dotenvPlugin(config)
  return config


This plugin takes three paramaters. The first parameter (which is mandatory) is the Cypress config object.

The second is an optional dotenv config object.

The third is an optional [all] boolean parameter, which is set to false by default. If set to true, it returns all available environmental variables, not limited to those prefixed with CYPRESS_.