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a Hassle-Free Python Experience

Rye: a Hassle-Free Python Experience


Rye is a comprehensive project and package management solution for Python. Born from its creator's desire to establish a one-stop-shop for all Python users, Rye provides a unified experience to install and manages Python installations, pyproject.toml based projects, dependencies and virtualenvs seamlessly. It's designed to accommodate complex projects, monorepos and to facilitate global tool installations. Curious? Watch an introduction.

A hassle-free experience for Python developers at every level.

Watch the instruction

Click on the thumbnail to watch a 16 minute introduction video

In The Box

Rye picks and ships the right tools so you can get started in minutes:

  • Bootstraps Python: it provides an automated way to get access to the amazing Indygreg Python Builds as well as the PyPy binary distributions.
  • Linting and Formatting: it bundles ruff and makes it available with rye lint and rye fmt.
  • Managing Virtualenvs: it uses the well established virtualenv library under the hood.
  • Building Wheels: it delegates that work largely to build.
  • Publishing: its publish command uses twine to accomplish this task.
  • Locking and Dependency Installation: is today implemented by using uv with a fallback to unearth and pip-tools.
  • Workspace support: Rye lets you work with complex projects consisting of multiple libraries.


The installation takes just a minute:

  • Linux and macOS:

    curl -sSf https://rye-up.com/get | bash
  • Windows:

    Download and run the installer (64bit Intel or 32bit Intel).

For more details and other options, refer to the installation instructions.

Learn More

Did I spark your interest?


  • Discussion Forum, to discuss the project on GitHub
  • Discord, for conversations with other developers in text form
  • Issue Tracker, if you run into bugs or have suggestions
  • Badges, if you want to show that you use Rye
  • License: MIT