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Foundational model for human-like, expressive TTS

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Hi, Congrats on the launch! Is MPS (Apple Silicon) or MLX support planned? Thank you!

**Python 3.9.15** Trying to execute the `` produced 3 typing errors. I had just removed type annotations and it proceeded to the next step (huggingface credentials verification). Please specify Python...

Maybe one day Python devs will surprise me :) But seriously, need to add that - thanks!

Added Dockerfile & docker-compose.yml for containerized deployment. Had to make a slight adjustment to `` changing host ip from `` to ``. Hope this helps others with quick and convenient...

Hey! Thank you so so much for this repo and great work, this is what the world needs right now, I have been waiting for such a great foundation model...

Is improving the latency of the model on the roadmap, e.g. real-time TTS?

It shouldn't be hard for you. It can be ugly looking and bad coded, just works is sufficient

How much VRAM does the loaded model require? He said RTX4080 is not enough for 12GB GPU

Guys, please specify Python version that you've tested and specific versions of `requirements.txt`. `pip3 freeze > requirements.txt` I had to install 3 copies of `xformers`: ![xformers](