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The OS for your personal finances

dashboard_mockup (Note: The image above is a mockup of what we're working towards. We're rapidly approaching the functionality shown, but not all of the parts are ready just yet.)

Maybe: The OS for your personal finances

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If you're looking for the previous React codebase, you can find it at maybe-finance/maybe-archive.


We spent the better part of 2021/2022 building a personal finance + wealth management app called, Maybe. Very full-featured, including an "Ask an Advisor" feature which connected users with an actual CFP/CFA to help them with their finances (all included in your subscription).

The business end of things didn't work out, and so we shut things down mid-2023.

We spent the better part of $1,000,000 building the app (employees + contractors, data providers/services, infrastructure, etc.).

We're now reviving the product as a fully open-source project. The goal is to let you run the app yourself, for free, and use it to manage your own finances and eventually offer a hosted version of the app for a small monthly fee.

Local Development Setup


  • Ruby >3 (see Gemfile)
  • PostgreSQL >9.3 (ideally, latest stable version)

After cloning the repo, the basic setup commands are:

cd maybe
cp .env.example .env

And visit http://localhost:3000 to see the app. You can use the following credentials to log in (generated by DB seed):

Email: [email protected] Password: password

For further instructions, see guides below.

Multi-currency support

If you'd like multi-currency support, there are a few extra steps to follow.

  1. Sign up for an API key at Open Exchange Rates. For now, you'll need the Developer plan, which is $12/mo.
  2. Add your API key to your .env file.
  3. Set the currencies you'd like to support in the .env file.
  4. Run rake currencies:seed
  5. Run rake exchange_rates:sync

Setup Guides

Dev Container (optional)

This is 100% optional and meant for devs who don't want to worry about installing requirements manually for their platform. You can follow this guide to learn more about Dev Containers.


Please visit our Mac dev setup guide.


Please visit our Linux dev setup guide.


Please visit our Windows dev setup guide.

Testing Emails

In development, we use letter_opener to automatically open emails in your browser. When an email sends locally, a new browser tab will open with a preview.


Before contributing, you'll likely find it helpful to understand context and general vision/direction.

Once you've done that, please visit our contributing guide to get started!

Self Hosting

Our long term goal is to make self-hosting as easy as possible. That said, during these early stages of building the product, we are focusing our efforts on development.

We will update this section as we get closer to an initial release.

Please see our guide on self hosting here.

Repo Activity

Repo Activity

Copyright & license

Maybe is distributed under an AGPLv3 license. "Maybe" is a trademark of Maybe Finance, Inc.