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Codespaces but open-source, client-only and unopinionated: Works with any IDE and lets you use any cloud, kubernetes or just localhost docker.

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DevPod is a client-only tool to create reproducible developer environments based on a devcontainer.json on any backend. Each developer environment runs in a container and is specified through a devcontainer.json. Through DevPod providers these environments can be created on any backend, such as the local computer, a Kubernetes cluster, any reachable remote machine or in a VM in the cloud.


You can think of DevPod as the glue that connects your local IDE to a machine where you want to develop on. So depending on the requirements of your project, you can either create a workspace locally on the computer, on a beefy cloud machine with many GPUs or a spare remote computer. Within DevPod, every workspace is managed the same way, which also makes it easy to switch between workspaces that might be hosted somewhere else.

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Download DevPod Desktop:

Take a look at the DevPod Docs for more information.

Why DevPod?

DevPod reuses the open DevContainer standard (used by Github Codespaces and VSCode DevContainers) to create a consistent developer experience no matter what backend you want to use.

Compared to hosted services such as Github Codespaces, Jetbrains Spaces or Google Cloud Workstations, DevPod has the following advantages:

  • Cost savings: DevPod is usually around 5-10 times cheaper than existing services with comparable feature sets, because it uses bare virtual machines in any cloud and shuts down unused virtual machines automatically.
  • No vendor lock-in: Choose whatever cloud provider suits you best, be it the cheapest one or the most powerful, DevPod supports all cloud providers. If you are tired of using a provider, change it with a single command.
  • Local development: You get the same developer experience also locally, so you don't need to rely on a cloud provider at all.
  • Cross IDE support: VSCode and the full Jetbrains suite is supported, all others can be connected through simple ssh.
  • Client-only: No need to install a server backend, DevPod runs only on your computer.
  • Open-Source: DevPod is 100% open-source and extensible. A provider doesn't exist? Just create your own.
  • Rich feature set: DevPod already supports prebuilds, auto inactivity shutdown, git & docker credentials sync and many more features to come.
  • Desktop App: DevPod comes with an easy-to-use desktop application that abstracts all the complexity away. If you want to build your own integration, DevPod offers a feature rich CLI as well.