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A minimal, blazing fast portfolio template for Developers! πŸš€

Proxyfolio | Minimalist Template ⚑️

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A minimal, blazing fast portfolio template for Developers! πŸš€


  • Easy to Setup πŸ’―
  • Modern UI Design + Reveal Animations πŸ‡
  • OpenSource πŸ“™
  • No Additional Frameworks 🀘🏻
  • No Additional Libraries πŸ”—
  • Multi Page πŸ’Ž
  • Fully Responsive πŸš€
  • Super Fast and Optimized for SEO ⚑
  • Valid HTML5 & CSS3 πŸŽ–οΈ

Why do you need a portfolio? πŸ‘‡πŸ»

  • A method of self discovery and confidence building
  • Professional way to showcase your work
  • Increases your visibility and online presence
  • Shows you’re more than just a resume

Getting started πŸ”§

From your command line, first clone Simplefolio:

# Clone the repository
$ git clone

# Move into the repository
$ cd proxyfolio

# Remove the current origin repository
$ git remote remove origin

# Open the index.html file
$ firefox index.html

Template Instructions πŸ”­

Step 1 - Structure

Go to /index.html and put your information, there are 5 sections:

  1. Header Section

    • On img/stuffs.jpg, Add your own Image, Better if the background of the image is transparent so the background can match the theme color.
    • Add your own name and custom portfolio title.
    • On <h4> tag mention your Career Statement/Summary.
<div class="header__title">
    <!-- <h1 onclick="alert('HTML alert')"> -->
      Hey, my name is
      <!-- Green highlight effect -->

      <!-- Your Name Here -->
      <span class="highlight">Proxy</span>
      <br>I'm a
      <span class="highlight">Web</span>

    <!-- Your Career Statement/Summary  -->
    <h4>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit.</h4>
    <button class="btn--text btn--scroll-to">Learn more &DownArrow;</button>
    <img src="img/stuffs.jpg" class="header__img" alt="Minimalist items" />

  1. About Section

    • On <span> tag under class="operations" mention your skills.
    • On <h5 class="operations__header"> mention your skill title.
    • On <p> tag which is below <h5 class="operations__header"> tag, put a short description about your skill, I recommend to put 1 to 2 line of short and crisp details about your skills.
    • Copy class="operations__content operations__content--n with n being the nth skill, you can also add more skills to your liking.
<section class="section" id="section--1">
    <div class="section__title">
      <h2 class="section__description">About Me</h2>
      <h3 class="section__header">
        This is where you can describe Yourself.

    <div class="operations">
      <div class="operations__tab-container">
        <button class="btn operations__tab operations__tab--1 operations__tab--active" data-tab="1">
          <span>01</span>Skill 1

        <button class="btn operations__tab operations__tab--3" data-tab="3">
          <span>n</span>Skill n
      <div class="operations__content operations__content--1 operations__content--active">
        <div class="operations__icon operations__icon--1">
            <svg><use xlink:href="img/icons.svg#icon-upload"></use></svg>
        <h5 class="operations__header">
            <!-- Skill Title  -->
            <!-- Skill Summary  -->


      <!-- Add more skills accordingly as above  -->


  1. Projects Section

    • On <img> tag with class name class="features__img lazy-img" add your project image.
    • On <h5> tag with class name class="features__header", include your project title.
    • On <p> tag below <h5> tag, include your project description.
    • Replicate <div> ... </div> with class class="features" to add more projects.
    <section class="section" id="section--2">
    <div class="section__title">
      <h2 class="section__description">Projects</h2>
      <h3 class="section__header">
        Talk about your projects and Open Source contributions.

    <div class="features">

      <!-- Project featured image  -->
      <img src="img/digital-lazy.jpg" data-src="img/digital.jpg" alt="Computer"
      class="features__img lazy-img" />
      <div class="features__feature">
        <div class="features__icon">
          <svg><use xlink:href="img/icons.svg#icon-monitor"></use></svg>

        <!-- Project Title  -->
        <h5 class="features__header">Project 1</h5>
            <!-- Project Descriptions and links  -->

      <!-- Add more projects accordingly as above  -->
  1. Publication Section

    • On <h5> tag with class name class="testimonial__header", include your publications title.
    • On <blockquote> tag with class name class="testimonial__text", include your publications description.
    • On <h6> tag with class name class="testimonial__name", include your username for the publishing site.
    • On <p> tag with class class="testimonial__location", to include publisher name.
    • Replicate <div> ... </div> with class class="slide" to add more publications.
  <section class="section" id="section--3">
    <div class="section__title section__title--testimonials">
      <h2 class="section__description">Publications</h2>
      <h3 class="section__header">
        Talk about your Publications here.

    <div class="slider">
      <div class="slide">
        <div class="testimonial">

          <!-- Publication Title  -->
          <h5 class="testimonial__header">Publication Title 1</h5>
          <blockquote class="testimonial__text">
              <!-- Publication Descriptions and links  -->
          <address class="testimonial__author">
            <img src="img/user-1.jpg" alt="" class="testimonial__photo" />

            <h6 class="testimonial__name">Proxy</h6>          <!-- Your Name  -->
            <p class="testimonial__location">On Medium</p>    <!-- Publisher Name  -->

      <!-- Add more publications accordingly as above  -->

      <button class="slider__btn slider__btn--left">&larr;</button>
      <button class="slider__btn slider__btn--right">&rarr;</button>
      <div class="dots"></div>
  1. Contact Section

    • On <h3> tag with class name class="section__header", include some custom call-to-action message.
<section class="section section--sign-up">
    <div class="section__title">
      <h3 class="section__header">
        <!-- Mention different ways to contact you -->
    <button class="btn btn--show-modal">Contact Me</button>
  1. Footer Section

    • Can add link to your blogs and other sites using <a> tag with class class="footer__link".
    • Here you can also put your Social Media URL using href attribute of the <a> tags.
<footer class="footer">
    <ul class="footer__nav">
      <li class="footer__item">
        <a class="footer__link" href="#section--1">About</a>
      <li class="footer__item">
        <a class="footer__link" href="#section--2">Projects</a>
      <li class="footer__item">
        <a class="footer__link" href="#section--3">Publications</a>

  1. Contact Page

    • This is a custom contact me page.
    • Mention your custom message in <h2> with class="modal__header".
<div class="modal hidden">
    <button class="btn--close-modal">&times;</button>
    <h2 class="modal__header">
      Will reply within <br />                      <!-- Your message -->
      <span class="highlight">a day</span>
    <form class="modal__form">
      <label>First Name</label>
      <input type="text" />
      <label>Last Name</label>
      <input type="text" />
      <label>Email Address</label>
      <input type="email" />
      <button class="btn">Next step &rarr;</button>
  <div class="overlay hidden"></div>

Step 2 - Styles

Go to css/style.css and tweaks value to change tp different colors and see which color suits you the most. If you want to get some gradients inspiration I highly recommend you to check this website UI Gradient.

// Default values
background-color: #f3f3f3;
color-primary: #5ec576;

Deployment πŸ“¦

Once you finish your setup. You need to put your website online!

I highly recommend to use Netlify because it is super easy.

Technologies used πŸ› οΈ

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

License πŸ“„

This project is licensed under the GPL-3.0 License - see the LICENSE file for details

Acknowledgments 🎁

This work is inspired by Bankist project from complete JavaScript course by Jonas Schmedtmann.
Special thanks to Jacobo MartΓ­nez for creating Simplefolio which is another great Portfolio website Template for Developers.