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Winning ChatBot in the IBM ChatBot competition. A ChatBot for a bank


To install kairos for face recognition

  • in terminal,cd into the directory and type chmod u+x and press enter
  • then, type ./ and press enter
  • kairos would have installed from source

Other dependencies for second server

  • flask (pip install flask)
  • Python 2.7

To start second server

start the server by typing python in terminal

Screencast Demo

alt text A ChatBot for a bank. Has the following functionalities.

  • [x] Balance check
  • [x] User login
  • [x] Nearest ATM'S plotted on a map
  • [x] Account statement through email
  • [x] Mobile Recharge
  • [x] Funds Tranfer
  • [x] Fixed Deposit Account Opener
  • [x] Calculators for Fixed Deposit, Compound Interest and EMI
  • [x] A feedback system that upsells products at positive sentiment and apologises for negative sentiment and transfers the conversation to a human operator.
  • [x] A speech to text feature for seamless communication

Made using the Watson Conversation API.

How To Build

Requirements are as follows:

  • Python 3.5
  • flask
  • flask_socketio
  • watson_developer_cloud
  • requests
  • fileinput (included with python3.5)
  • json (included with python3.5)
  • urllib (included with python3.5)
  • PIL (in case using windows use 'image')
  • numpy

All these libraries can be installed using the simple pip install <library-name> command. Be sure you are using the pip for python 3.5 and not python 2.7. Use pip3 if you are on Ubuntu.

Use Ubuntu preferably.

How to Run

After installing all these dependencies. Navigate to the repo folder through the terminal. python3 to start the server. This will run on port 3110 on localhost.

Now you have to start the client framework made in react, that is ,in the Chatagram-client repository.

Head over there to complete the building process.

Users and Account information

There is a file named users.json. The chatbot uses this file as the bank's database and looks up the various details like account number, pincode etc .

When testing out the bot, please refer to the the details in this file for logging in etc and email. One can change the email and/or other parameters to test out the email service for account statement.

To access most of the features one would need to log in. To do that you need to enter account number and pin code.

This is done to prove that that the chatbot was constructed in such a way that the bank's operations can be easily plugged in with the use of API's with no substantial code change.


Don't hesitate to ask for help to run the software. Contact at [email protected]