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Add content to QA roadmap

Open kamranahmedse opened this issue 1 year ago • 15 comments

QA Roadmap has been made interactive, but it is missing content in some of the roadmap nodes. We need to fill the markdown files given here with a short intro to the topic mentioned in the markdown file and add some resources as per the guidelines here.

Note — You don't have to fill all the markdown files simultaneously. Feel free to create separate pull requests with batches of changes (e.g. fill up 15 content files in each PR).

kamranahmedse avatar Sep 22 '22 06:09 kamranahmedse

I'd love to work on this @kamranahmedse

QAInsights avatar Sep 30 '22 16:09 QAInsights

created #1997 let me know if this looks alright.

KomalMMungekar avatar Oct 02 '22 08:10 KomalMMungekar

Created 2041, let me know if it looks alright/needs any changes!

ethapar avatar Oct 02 '22 19:10 ethapar

Already working on this for a week now! :)

adnn-alc avatar Oct 04 '22 13:10 adnn-alc

Hello! I just added information to the QA Sdlc node :) Will wait for review on the PR :)

FercueNat avatar Oct 04 '22 22:10 FercueNat

@FercueNat I already have that one open :/ #1940

adnn-alc avatar Oct 04 '22 22:10 adnn-alc

@FercueNat I already have that one open :/ #1940

Oh man, just checked it and you indeed have a PR open, my bad :( Maybe once yours is merged I can add my own changes as well, as I saw that I left a bit more of info. Thanks for the heads up!

FercueNat avatar Oct 04 '22 22:10 FercueNat

Please assign me the work, eager to get stated with!

tanvi1110 avatar Oct 06 '22 06:10 tanvi1110

Add management and monitoring node #2212

PanSem avatar Oct 06 '22 12:10 PanSem

Hello @kamranahmedse, I added the content to the file, please check this PR #2339

c1phani1simha avatar Oct 09 '22 15:10 c1phani1simha

@kamranahmedse, added content to the file. Please check this PR #2343

c1phani1simha avatar Oct 09 '22 16:10 c1phani1simha

@c1phani1simha excuse me but you don't need to comment here with your PRs. He will get to it whenever he gets some time as there are over 90 Pull Requests open at the moment.

adnn-alc avatar Oct 09 '22 16:10 adnn-alc

Sir Can i contribute to resolve this issue?

yrhemendra avatar Oct 13 '22 19:10 yrhemendra

@kamranahmedse Added content for CSR/SSR, Caching and UAT: Please review and pull in.

sameer1612 avatar Oct 14 '22 17:10 sameer1612

Hello Sir, I would like to contribute to this project, I am new to hacktoctoberfest and this would be a great beginning. Thank you...

Zaid-Parkar avatar Oct 16 '22 06:10 Zaid-Parkar

@kamranahmedse looks like that with #2902 all QA Roadmap fields have been filled out and this issue could be closed out.

adnn-alc avatar Nov 08 '22 18:11 adnn-alc