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Add content to Go Roadmap

Open kamranahmedse opened this issue 1 year ago • 8 comments

Go Roadmap has been made interactive, but it is missing content in som of the roadmap nodes. We need to fill the markdown files given here with a short intro to the topic mentioned in the markdown file and add some resources as per the guidelines here.

Note — You don't have to fill all the markdown files simultaneously. Feel free to create separate pull requests with batches of changes (e.g. fill up 15 content files in each PR).

kamranahmedse avatar Sep 22 '22 06:09 kamranahmedse

Hi, I would like to work on this issue during this hacktoberfest, I kindly request you to assign me this issue. Thanks!

nabeel001 avatar Sep 30 '22 17:09 nabeel001

hi @kamranahmedse i don't know much about creating roadmaps but i can try if you guide me a little bit bro

rajbhoyar729 avatar Oct 01 '22 01:10 rajbhoyar729

Hi @kamranahmedse, I would like to help you with this issue. Can you assign me to this issue?. Thanks!

GabrielMoody avatar Oct 01 '22 03:10 GabrielMoody

Hello, would like to contribute.

tanvi1110 avatar Oct 06 '22 06:10 tanvi1110

Hello! I would like to contribute to it! Thanks.

nairpranav331 avatar Oct 07 '22 03:10 nairpranav331

Hi @kamranahmedse I would like to work on this issue, please assign this issue to me.

KnightlLORD avatar Oct 07 '22 12:10 KnightlLORD

Hi @kamranahmedse, I would like to contribute to this issue

ozansz avatar Oct 08 '22 17:10 ozansz

Hello Sir, I would like to contribute to this project, I am new to hacktoctoberfest and this would be a great beginning. Thank you...

Zaid-Parkar avatar Oct 16 '22 06:10 Zaid-Parkar

Created PR for details on go-zero

dhruvasagar avatar Oct 19 '22 05:10 dhruvasagar

@kamranahmedse I would like to contribute to this issue, can you assign it to me?

shubhig226 avatar Oct 19 '22 13:10 shubhig226