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✂ Automatically generate CSS from your HTML classes

✂ css-tailor

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Automatically generate CSS from your HTML classes

Utility that turns the classes applied upon the DOM elements to CSS. So that you don't have to manually write the CSS for those minor UI enhancements like increasing the padding, adding a little margin, changing the font size, applying a border radius, pumping up the line-height a bit etc.


All you have to do is specify the CSS class on an element: CSS will be generated and written to a CSS file of your liking or returned for any programmatical use.

All you have to do is specify any HTML class as follows

[formula][value][unit] # If you donot provide the unit, `px` will be used.

For example; mt25 translates to margin-top: 25px, fs14px to font-size: 14px; etc.

The list of supported formulae and examples is given below

Supported Formulae

Currently supported styles are as follows.

Formula CSS Property Example Usage
p padding p10 will translate to padding: 10px
pt padding-top pt20 will translate to padding-top: 20px;
pb padding-bottom pb10 will translate to padding-bottom: 10px;
pr padding-right pr20 will translate to padding-right: 20px;
pl padding-left pl23 will translate to padding-left: 23px;
m margin m20 will translate to margin: 20px
mt margin-top mt20 will translate to margin-top: 20px;
mb margin-bottom mb20 will translate to margin-bottom: 20px;
ml margin-left ml50 will translate to margin-left: 50px;
mr margin-right mr30 will translate to margin-right: 30px;
w width w200 will translate to width: 200px
h height h60 will translate to height: 60px;
br border-radius br5 will translate to border-radius: 5px;
fs font-size fs15 will translate to font-size: 15px
fw font-weight fw400 will translate to font-weight: 400px
lh line-height lh20em will translate to line-height: 20em
t top t6 will translate to top: 6px;
l left l30 will translate to left: 30px
b bottom b20em will translate to bottom: 20em;
r right r20em will translate to right: 20em;

Notes for Units

All the default CSS units are supported. You can specify it and relevant CSS unit will be used

  • Units including px, pt, em, p, vh, vw, vmin, ex, cm, in, mm, pc will translate to the same unit in CSS
  • If you don't provide any unit px will be used
  • If you need % specify it as p e.g. w50p will get translated to width: 50%
  • If no unit is needed, specify n e.g. fw600n will translate to font-weight: 600


If you are looking for usage as a preprocessor, check gulp-css-tailor

yarn add css-tailor

From a Directory

You can provide the path in the form of

  • string Path to a single file or a directory
  • array An array of directory paths, file paths or a mix of both the directory and file paths
var tailor = require('css-tailor');

// Will generate the output file [if required] and return the generated CSS
var generatedCss = tailor.generatePathCss('resources/html/', options)

From HTML string

Also you can generate CSS from the HTML string

var tailor = require('css-tailor');

// Will generate the output file [if required] and return the generated CSS
var generatedCss = tailor.generateCss('<html>...</html>', options)


Both the functions above accept an object as a second argument having following options. (Values specified below are the defaults)

var options = {
    tabSpacing: 4,          // Tab spacing for the formatted CSS
    outputPath: '',         // Path to the output file where CSS is to be generated
    minifyOutput: false,    // Whether to minify the output while generating CSS
    setImportant: false     // Will add the `!important` flag to all the CSS properties



MIT © Kamran Ahmed