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First person shooter 3d game.

Brainza – The Game:

A game in which player will play inside a brain like environment. He will be presented with some enemies. These are the defaulters that are trying to harm the brain as well as the abilities of the player to live his life efficiently. So it is essential to get rid of them.


The aim of the player is to wander inside the brain and to find these enemies. Upon seeing the player the enemies will try to run away and to save themselves, but the player will not let the enemies do so, he has to chase them and kill them. Hint: The easy way that a player can adopt, to kill the enemies, is to get the enemies stuck at some corner and not letting them cross the player, as they are considerably afraid of the player, so they will easily surrender upon such a situation. In this prototype, the player will be presented with a brain like environment and 3 enemies that have hidden themselves at different places. Player will find out and kill them. At the end a message of success will be displayed.