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Abuse unicode to incite mayhem


Abusing Unicode to incite mayhem



It replaces the space character with an invisible unicode character in your source code. You won't see any changes in code but you will get errors when trying to run it.

Fun games to play with beetle:

  • Teach someone an encoding lesson
  • Prank your colleagues
  • Get fired?!


You can install it either using CURL

$ curl -L | sudo sh

Or by cloning and manually installing it

$ git clone
$ cd beetle
$ sudo make install


You can either sting any file which will make it stop working or revert the changes using cure command.

Make it not work

$ beetle sting user.controller.js

Restore to original state

$ beetle cure user.controller.js


Original file – without any errors/squiggly lines

normal file

Stung file beetle sting forgot-password.component.ts

stung file


MIT © Kamran Ahmed