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Integrates IE with other mods, as well as some useful addition to IE itself

Immersive Integration

This mod is an addon to Immersive Engineering. The aim is to add blocks and items that fit in with the IE style but would not make sense to be in IE itself. This will be items that integrate with other mods, as well as IE and vanilla additions.


Download it from the curseforge page.


There is an Immersive Integration category added to IE's in-game manual which includes more details on all blocks and items.

Blocks and Items

Applied Energistics 2

  • ME Wire Connector
    • This acts the same as a wire connector from IE, except instead of power it will connect to an AE system, just like a fluix cable.
  • ME Dense Wire Connector
    • Same as the non-dense counterpart however transfers 32 channels instead of just 8.
  • Fluix Wire Coil
    • This is the wire used to connect ME Wire Connectors together.
  • Dense Wire Coil
    • Same as fluix wire coil but for the dense wire connectors.

Immersive Engineering

  • Wooden Post Extension
    • Place atop a wooden post to add more places to put wire connectors. Use the hammer like with the wooden post to add arms.
  • Steel trapdoor
    • Simply a steel trapdoor, however it can only be activated by redstone. This is mainly for use in a future addition.


  • Redstone Wire Connector
    • Transfer redstone signals across redstone wire. The connectors can be set as an input or output, and set as one of 16 channels. All 16 channels are transmit across the wire. Rightclick with hammer to set input/output, and shift rightclick to change channel.
  • Redstone Wire Coil
    • Used to connect redstone wire connectors together.


Requires Immersive Engineering v0.4.0 or greater

AE2 specific features will only be enabled when AE2 is installed and the config is enabled (It is enabled by default)


You can use it in any modpacks, I would appreciate being told but that's just because I'm nosy