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PHPCI Easy Installer for Laravel Homestead

PHPCI Installer

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PHPCI Installer for Laravel Homestead. Simple shell script that automatically installs the PHPCI with no user interaction required on a Laravel Homestead box.



The script drops the phpci database if it already exists and creates a new one. So if you already have a database with such name, make sure to either rename it or change the database name by forking this repo before installation.


1. SSH into your Laravel Homestead Box (homestead ssh) and cd into Code/Projects Directory.

2. If you're fine with the default config and don't want to make any changes, Just fire the following command & jump to step 3:

$ curl -sSL | bash

(Optional) Custom Config: If you'd like to use custom config, pass the following arguments with appropriate values:

-s <domain> <admin_email> <admin_password> <custom_phpci_dirname>

All the above arguments are optional, you can set all or the each of the ones you want in same order.


$ curl -sSL | bash -s phpci.vm [email protected] 123456 phpci

3. Open the /etc/hosts file on your main machine and add where is the default IP of your homestead box and is the default domain to access PHPCI or the one you passed in step 2 otherwise.

4. Go to and Login into the panel using the login credentials shown at the end of the installation or the default.

5. (Optional) You can follow the PHPCI wiki for other configurations.

Default Config

  1. Default directory - phpci
  2. Default domain -
  3. Database - Creates phpci database and uses homestead user with default password.
  4. Admin Email: [email protected]
  5. Admin Password: secret

Note: The script uses the standard homestead script to create the database.

Additional information

Any issues, please report here

Inspired to create this script by this tutorial by Mike Bronner


Contributions are welcome, Please create a PR.


MIT © Syed Irfaq R.