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This is the Rust course used by the Android team at Google. It provides you the material to quickly teach Rust.

Comprehensive Rust 🦀

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This repository has the source code for Comprehensive Rust 🦀, a multi-day Rust course developed by the Android team. The course covers all aspects of Rust, from basic syntax to generics and error handling. It also includes deep dives on Android, Chromium, bare-metal, and concurrency.

Read the course at

Course Format and Target Audience

The course is used internally at Google when teaching Rust to experienced software engineers. They typically have a background in C++ or Java.

The course is taught in a classroom setting and we hope it will be useful for others who want to teach Rust to their team. The course will be less useful for self-study since you miss out on the discussions happening in the classroom. You don't see the questions and answers and you don't see the compiler errors we trigger when going through the code samples. We hope to improve on this via speaker notes and by publishing videos.


Articles and blog posts from around the web which cover Comprehensive Rust:


The course is built using a few tools:

First install Rust by following the instructions on Then clone this repository:

git clone
cd comprehensive-rust

Then install these tools with:

cargo install mdbook
cargo install mdbook-svgbob
cargo install mdbook-i18n-helpers
cargo install --path mdbook-exerciser
cargo install --path mdbook-course


mdbook test

to test all included Rust snippets. Run

mdbook serve

to start a web server with the course. You'll find the content on http://localhost:3000. You can use mdbook build to create a static version of the course in the book/ directory. Note that you have to separately build and zip exercises and add them to book/html. To build any of the translated versions of the course, run MDBOOK_BOOK__LANGUAGE=xx mdbook build -d book/xx where xx is the ISO 639 language code (e.g. da for the Danish translation). contains further instructions.

Note On Windows, you need to enable symlinks (git config --global core.symlinks true) and Developer Mode.


For questions or comments, please contact Martin Geisler or start a discussion on GitHub. We would love to hear from you.