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🌟 The Multi-Agent Meta Programming Framework: Given one line Requirement, return PRD, Design, Tasks, Repo

MetaGPT: Multi-Agent Meta Programming Framework

MetaGPT logo: Enable GPT to work in software company, collaborating to tackle more complex tasks.

Assign different roles to GPTs to form a collaborative software entity for complex tasks.

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  1. MetaGPT takes a one line requirement as input and outputs user stories / competitive analysis / requirements / data structures / APIs / documents, etc.
  2. Internally, MetaGPT includes product managers / architects / project managers / engineers. It provides the entire process of a software company along with carefully orchestrated SOPs.
    1. Code = SOP(Team) is the core philosophy. We materialize SOP and apply it to teams composed of LLMs.

A software company consists of LLM-based roles

Software Company Multi-Role Schematic (Gradually Implementing)

Examples (fully generated by GPT-4)

For example, if you type python "Design a RecSys like Toutiao", you would get many outputs, one of them is data & api design

Jinri Toutiao Recsys Data & API Design

It requires around $0.2 (GPT-4 api's costs) to generate one example with analysis and design, around $2.0 to a full project.


Traditional Installation

# Step 1: Ensure that NPM is installed on your system. Then install mermaid-js.
npm --version
sudo npm install -g @mermaid-js/mermaid-cli

# Step 2: Ensure that Python 3.9+ is installed on your system. You can check this by using:
python --version

# Step 3: Clone the repository to your local machine, and install it.
git clone
cd metagpt
python install

Installation by Docker

# Step 1: Download metagpt official image and prepare config.yaml
docker pull metagpt/metagpt:v0.2
mkdir -p /opt/metagpt/{config,workspace} && chmod 777 -R /opt/metagpt
docker run --rm metagpt/metagpt:v0.2 cat /app/metagpt/config/config.yaml > /opt/metagpt/config/config.yaml
vim /opt/metagpt/config/config.yaml # Change the config

# Step 2: Run metagpt demo with container
docker run --rm \
    --privileged \
    -v /opt/metagpt/config:/app/metagpt/config \
    -v /opt/metagpt/workspace:/app/metagpt/workspace \
    metagpt/metagpt:v0.2 \
    python "Write a cli snake game"

# You can also start a container and execute commands in it
docker run --name metagpt -d \
    --privileged \
    -v /opt/metagpt/config:/app/metagpt/config \
    -v /opt/metagpt/workspace:/app/metagpt/workspace \

docker exec -it metagpt /bin/bash
$ python "Write a cli snake game"

The command docker run ... do the following things:

  • Run in privileged mode to have permission to run the browser
  • Map host directory /opt/metagtp/config to container directory /app/metagpt/config
  • Map host directory /opt/metagpt/workspace to container directory /app/metagpt/workspace
  • Execute the demo command python "Write a cli snake game"

Build image by yourself

# You can also build metagpt image by yourself.
cd metagpt && docker build --network host -t metagpt:v0.1 .


  • Configure your OPENAI_API_KEY in any of config/key.yaml / config/config.yaml / env
  • Priority order: config/key.yaml > config/config.yaml > env
# Copy the configuration file and make the necessary modifications.
cp config/config.yaml config/key.yaml
Variable Name config/key.yaml env
OPENAI_API_KEY # Replace with your own key OPENAI_API_KEY: "sk-..." export OPENAI_API_KEY="sk-..."
OPENAI_API_BASE # Optional OPENAI_API_BASE: "https://<YOUR_SITE>/v1" export OPENAI_API_BASE="https://<YOUR_SITE>/v1"

Tutorial: Initiating a startup

python "Write a cli snake game"

After running the script, you can find your new project in the workspace/ directory.


NAME - We are a software startup comprised of AI. By investing in us, you are empowering a future filled with limitless possibilities.


    We are a software startup comprised of AI. By investing in us, you are empowering a future filled with limitless possibilities.

        Type: str
        Your innovative idea, such as "Creating a snake game."

        Type: float
        Default: 3.0
        As an investor, you have the opportunity to contribute a certain dollar amount to this AI company.
        Type: int
        Default: 5

    You can also use flags syntax for POSITIONAL ARGUMENTS

Code walkthrough

from metagpt.software_company import SoftwareCompany
from metagpt.roles import ProjectManager, ProductManager, Architect, Engineer

async def startup(idea: str, investment: float = 3.0, n_round: int = 5):
    """Run a startup. Be a boss."""
    company = SoftwareCompany()
    company.hire([ProductManager(), Architect(), ProjectManager(), Engineer()])

You can check examples for more details on single role (with knowledge base) and LLM only examples.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or feedback about this project, please feel free to contact us. We highly appreciate your suggestions!

We will respond to all questions within 2-3 business days.