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freeCodeCamp JAMstack Online Hackathon November 3 - 4

2018 Online freeCodeCamp JAMstack Hackathon

If you want to succeed at this hackathon, please read this document and its subsequent files in their entirety before you begin.


Please read the following carefully, and act on each item that requires your attention:

  • [ ] Fork this repository
  • [ ] Make sure that you have a ticket from Tito. Check your email -- Quincy has emailed your ticket to you.
  • [ ] Join the freeCodeCamp JAMstack Hackathon Discord Group (Quincy has emailed that link to all ticket holders). Please do not share this link with non-participants.
  • [ ] Chat with others in the Discord group to brainstorm ideas and form teams. You will also do this after the hackathon has begun. IMPORTANT: Online hackathon participants cannot team up with in-person participants. This is to simplify the process and ensure that all teams are starting from the same baseline.
  • [ ] Review this README.md file for further instructions and guidelines
  • [ ] Review the APIs
  • [ ] Ask questions to API sponsors directly on their Discord channel (i.e. api-netlify)
  • [ ] Review the Judging Protocol
  • [ ] Already have a team? List it in the Teams file.
  • [ ] Don't have a team? Review the Teams that are seeking teammates.
  • [ ] Review the Schedule
  • [ ] Review the resources and recommendations for Getting Started with the JAMstack. This will give you good resources for starting your project.
  • [ ] Ensure that you deploy your project with Netlify. You should already have an account per the hackathon application instructions

How is this hackathon different?

Most hackathons focus principally on the end-goal -- the product. While this hackathon places a significant amount of focus on the end-product as well, we are also placing a significant amount of focus in the process of how you approach building your project.

The Process -- what it means

Building great software isn't just about the code you write. Your planned approach to building it is just as important. So here's what this means for you as a hacker at this hackathon:

  • Judges will pose a number of questions for you, and share them with you in the Discord group to see how you are handling your approach to building your app. Do you have a plan of action? Are you organized in your list of responsibilities and dividing tasks? Are the goals realistic given the limited time frame?
  • Your answers to these questions will be a small percentage of your overall judging score.

Code of Conduct

By attending the hackathon, or participating remotely, you affirm that you have read and agree to our Code of Conduct, and you will abide by its guidelines laid out here: https://jamstackconf.com/code-of-conduct

Note: This code applies to both in-person and online interaction. Violations will not be tolerated.


The Hackathon is designed to be a fun and educational environment. Of course there will also be competition for prizes -- but our main goal is education, building community, and learning to use some cool APIs and technologies!

Team Size

  • Max team size: 6
  • Recommended team size: 3-5

Join the Hackathon Discord Group

See the link sent to your email

More info on Discord:
  • You can ask API sponsors questions directly in their respective channel, i.e. #api-netlify
  • Pay special attention to announcements channel.
  • Ask and answer questions about certain technologies in the q-and-a-<technology> channel
  • Have general communication in the general channel
  • Find a teammate or a team in the team-formation-sf-hackathon channel

Review the APIs

Review the APIs in the apis.md file in this repository. Mingle with the API sponsors at their tables and in their Discord channels.

Team Formation

If you have a team

  1. List your team in the teams.md file in this repo
  2. Fork the repo and make a PR to list your team
  3. Follow the style guide for listing your team
  4. Tag dunphyben in your PR.

If you don't have a team

  1. Browse teams in the teams.md file of this repo
  2. Find team members or a team to join using Discord