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Add Olympic gold medal team chain of thought problems solving

Open AntonOsika opened this issue 1 year ago • 0 comments

Chain of thought role playing prompt that can answer e.g. SAT questions well

Credit goes to reddit user oddlyspecificnumber7. His post where he got 12/15 SAT questions right.

I improved the prompt slightly.

Steps taken

You'll need to add your prompt into, and to the prompts.csv file. If your prompt includes quotes, you will need to double-quote them to escape in CSV file.

If the prompt is generated by ChatGPT, please add <mark>Generated by ChatGPT</mark> to the end of the contribution line.


"Hello","Say ""Hi"""
  • [x] I've confirmed the prompt works well
  • [x] I've added Contributed by: [@yourusername](
  • [x] I've added to the
  • [x] I've added to the prompts.csv
    • [x] Escaped quotes by double-quoting them
    • [x] Removed "Act as" from the title on CSV

Please make sure you've completed all the checklist.

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