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SNICallback native

Open alisson-acioli opened this issue 1 year ago • 0 comments

Hello, I would like to indicate a new native functionality for express in your next updates: native SNICallback.

Today we do not have native support for such functionality. I myself, in a current project, needed SNICallback and I only found it in NodeJS native https functions but I didn't find any direct implementation in ExpressJS where I would rather have a raised server.

The solution was to join NodeJS https together with Express to use such a feature, but if the same feature was available natively in Express it would be of great help.

Such functionality is important because it helps us a lot in several things, including leaving a Dynamic SSL (which was for this functionality I needed).

Explanation of functionality in NodeJS can be found at the link: SNICallback in NodeJS

alisson-acioli avatar Jul 20 '22 20:07 alisson-acioli