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Chronicles of brilliant deep learning ideas

Deep Learning Chronicles

Chronicles of brilliant deep learning ideas

The works listed in the page are hand-collected by me, so not all brilliant works related to deep learning are included. I will keep adding significant publications of deep learning in the near future.

This site is based on

The license of the page template is described in template-license.txt.
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Data Collection

Scripts for retrieving information of publications and conferences are in script/ folder.

  1. Prepare publications in data.csv first. There must be name, source (conference or journal) and url to crawl.
  2. Run crawl_publications.ipynb to gather all needed information of the publications in data.csv.
  3. Run crawl_conferences.ipynb to fetch details of listed conferences (cfp_program_id).

To Contribute

Please refer to

  1. works.json to add more works related to deep learning.
  2. conferences.json to add more conferences related to deep learning.

Any suggestion or improvement to this site is very welcome.
Don't forget to add yourself to contributors.json in honor of your contributions.