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Ask Questions in natural language and get Answers backed by private sources. Connects to tools like Slack, GitHub, Confluence, etc.

OpenSource Enterprise Question-Answering

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Danswer allows you to ask natural language questions against internal documents and get back reliable answers backed by quotes and references from the source material so that you can always trust what you get back. You can connect to a number of common tools such as Slack, GitHub, Confluence, amongst others.

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Features 💃

  • Direct QA powered by Generative AI models with answers backed by quotes and source links.
  • Intelligent Document Retrieval (Semantic Search/Reranking) using the latest LLMs.
  • An AI Helper backed by a custom Deep Learning model to interpret user intent.
  • User authentication and document level access management.
  • Connectors to Slack, GitHub, GoogleDrive, Confluence, local files, and web scraping, with more to come.
  • Management Dashboard to manage connectors and set up features such as live update fetching.
  • One line Docker Compose (or Kubernetes) deployment to host Danswer anywhere.


  • Chat/Conversation support.
  • Support custom endpoints for Generative AI models or even self-host options.
  • Templates to easily build custom connectors.
  • Personalized search

💡 Contributing

Looking to contribute? Please check out the Contribution Guide for more details.