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Cypress Documentation including Guides, API, Plugins, Examples, & FAQ.

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The code for Cypress Documentation including Guides, API, Examples, Dashboard & FAQ found at

Cypress Documentation Preview

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Getting Started

Install the dependencies:


Run the app:

yarn start

You can view the app by visiting http://localhost:3000/.


You can create a statically generated version of the website by running the following:

yarn build

This will generate a dist directory that you can serve up.

Note: If you want to create and view a statically generated version of the documentation site, you can run the following:

yarn run start:ci

You can view the statically generated site at http://localhost:3000/.



Javascript code is linted with ESLint.

CSS code is linted with stylelint.

Markdown is formatted with Prettier.

yarn lint

Unit Tests

Javascript code is unit tested with Jest.

yarn test:unit

Integration Tests

We use Cypress itself to test the documentation.

Run the tests:

yarn test


Refer to the guide for details.


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.