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Conductor is a microservices orchestration engine.


Github release License

Conductor is a platform originally created at Netflix to orchestrate microservices and events. Conductor OSS is maintained by the team of developers at Orkes along with the members of the open source community.

Conductor OSS

This is the new home for the Conductor open source going forward (previously hosted at Netflix/Conductor).

Going forward, all the bug fixes, feature requests and security patches will be applied and released from this repository.

The last published version of Netflix Conductor will be 3.15.0 which we will continue to support.

If you would like to participate in the roadmap and development, please reach out.

⭐ This repository

Show support for the Conductor OSS. Please help spread the awareness by starring this repo.

GitHub stars

Update your local forks/clones

Please update your forks to point to this repo. This will ensure your commits and PRs can be send against this repository

git remote set-url origin

Follow the steps below if you have an active PR against the Netflix/Conductor repository

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Update your local repository to change the remote to this repository
  3. Send a PR against the main branch


The latest version is Github release

The next scheduled release is in Feb 2024.


Slack Community

We have an active community of Conductor users and contributors on the channel.

Documentation Site

Documentation and tutorial on how to use Conductor

Discussion Forum: Please use the forum for questions and discussing ideas and join the community.

Conductor SDKs

Conductor supports creating workflows using JSON and Code.
SDK support for creating workflows using code is available in multiple languages and can be found at

Getting Started - Building & Running Conductor

From Source:

If you wish to build your own distribution, you can run ./gradlew build from this project that products the runtime artifacts. The runnable server is in server/ module.

Using Docker (Recommended)

Follow the steps below to launch the docker container:

# Create volumes for persistent stores
# Used to create a persistent volume that will preserve the 
docker volume create postgres
docker volume create redis

docker run --init -p 8080:8080 -p 1234:5000 --mount source=redis,target=/redis \
--mount source=postgres,target=/pgdata conductoross/conductor-standalone:3.15.0

Navigate to http://localhost:1234 once the container starts to launch UI.

Docker Containers for production usage

docker pull conductoross/conductor:3.15.0

Database Requirements

  • The default persistence used is Redis
  • The indexing backend is Elasticsearch (6.x)

Other Requirements

  • JDK 17+
  • UI requires Node 14 to build. Earlier Node versions may work but are untested.

Get Support

There are several ways to get in touch with us: