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AI companions with memory: a lightweight stack to create and host your own AI companions

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This PR adds two separate (but related) features: 1. Basic support in the UI for multimodal blocks (think Notion-style) as the agent response type. String completions, as provided before, are...

> 🥞 This PR depends on #49, since GH doesn't support stacked PRs across repos I recommend we merge that PR before we have a look at this one. This...

> 🏓 This PR build atop #49 This PR introduces the capability to host AI companions using Python on Steamship. The objective is to match the current JavaScript backend's functionality...

The idea is a companion can have a twitter account (say, @-Rosie), and as a Twitter user, I can tweet to @-Rosie and have a conversation with her in a...


Please consider using [Zep ]( as a long-term chat history store. It's increasingly being used for larger Langchain / Langchain.js apps where a more sophisticated approach to chat history memory...

Ability to generate avatar, and perhaps animate.


Someone needs to make it :)

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